Friday, December 7, 2007

Back to the doctor

Mom took me to see Dr. Stanley yesterday for my weekly check-up. Parker gave Rick his stomach bug so Rick was out of commission for the day. My appointment went really well. All the babies had strong heartbeats and continue to grow! OH BOY...I'm thinking I can't get much bigger! All the fluid levels around the babies were also very good. I go back to the doctor next Tuesday. Dr. Stanley will check all the babies weights and see how they are doing. Normally, I would be having non-stress tests on a weekly basis by now, but since there are four babies instead of just one the doctor believes it wouldn't be very accurate. We took family pictures this morning and some pregnancy pictures so when I get the proofs I will post them. I'm going to try to be compliant today and do the whole bed rest thing. I've kinda started swelling in my legs so maybe the bed rest will help with that. There's a winter storm coming in Saturday night and lasting until Monday or Tuesday. Continue to pray that these little "Little Bundles of Joy" stay in until after the storm!

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