Monday, December 24, 2007

A "LITTLE" Set Back

I'm thinking ''I Like This!''
Dad's arms are always best!

''Me and daddy''
I already have him "Wrapped"

Car seat check
Carson says, this is a little suspicious

Preston can sleep ANYWHERE
Griffin says, I REALLY DON'T

Hello everyone. We had a little set back yesterday. It started with Griffin. He failed his first car seat check. He got mad and scooted himself down in the seat, resulting in him dropping his heart rate and breathing. Preston and Carson did just fine. The staff told us that Griffin would have to repeat the test. We were a little stressed and hungry so we decided to go and get something to eat. Jenn started complaining that her stomach hurt. When we got to the restaurant she continued to have stomach pain and cramping. She was unable to eat anything because of the way she was feeling. We decided to leave and go to Target and get some stomach medicine. At Target the pain increased and Jenn was unable to walk or move. I got her to the car and we headed back to the hospital. We ended up in the ER and she was in TERRIBLE pain. We contacted our friend and her stomach doctor - Dr. Walton. After tests, Dr. Walton took Jenn to emergency surgery. She ended up having a herniated bowel. Her intestines ended up going through a hole in her gut and then getting twisted and cutting off blood supply because they got stuck. Dr. Walton caught it in time and was able to fix the problem before her bowel died. A problem that could have been fatal for her. Jenn got out of surgery about 4:00am this morning. Dr. Walton said that he was so happy that the problem didn't occur while she was still pregnant. Jenn spent the night on the medical surgey floor and then was discharged from her room and sent back upstairs with the kiddos this afternoon. WHAT A NIGHT!!! I think I aged several years. Believe it or not, she's doing really well today...sore but getting around well. We will all stay another night at the hospital tonight and then head home with the boys in the morning. The Lord definitely had his hand in this situation too. I really don't know what we would have done if we were at home and not near the hospital. Please say a prayer for Jenn and for her to regain her strength. By the way, Griffin passed his test today with flying colors and we were all excited. We will head home in the morning. Please pray for our trip home tomorrow. We are very excited to get the boys home, but its a "bitter sweet" moment. Leaving Claire here is going to be hard on all of us. Claire continues to do really well and may only have to spend a couple of weeks in the hospital. She will then join all her brothers. Well, we better close for the night. We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Love, Rick


Rachel said...

oh my!!! i don't even know where to begin...thank the good Lord that Jenn is ok. as i read through this entry, i was taken back. my goodness! i am so glad that she is doing better. i'm sure she sure gave you all a huge scare. talk about an eventful few days!!! :) God is Good! are going home on Christmas day with your little men. i know that this will be hard on you both having to leave miss claire at the hospital, but remember...she will be coming home soon! and in ther mean time...she is in good hands! i'll be keeping you all in my prayers. remember what i have said before, call me if i can help you guys out in any way. i would love to be able to be there for you if and when i am needed. take care & God bless! Merry Christmas!

Debbie Miller said...

Merry Christmas!
sorry to hear about your set back but thankful you were still close to the hospital. God is good! I know you will be excited to get your boys home and to see Parker. Sleeping in your own bed will be nice...if you get a chance to sleep! We enjoy reading the posts and seeing the pictures. love and prayers, Debbie and Doug Miller

Kristi said...

Wow! I read this update with my jaw dropped. Another Christmas miracle. I know you guys will enjoy having those boys home and sleeping in your own bed. We will continue to pray for you all and hope that Miss Claire gets to join you soon.
We will be gone for the next few days without internet access. Please leave us a message if anything changes.

We love you guys. Hope you have a Wonderful Christmas.
God is Good!


walkerbandt said...

I had no idea this happened until now! Have continued to pray for you guys daily- when you pray in general- not knowing the circumstances- God does know and answers specifically!!God is good!
Happy New Year