Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wonder what I measure NOW????

Aunt Keren was out and took another pic of us. Just thought I would let you guys see that I'm STILL GROWING! My waist went from a 26 to a 52 and I told Rick that WE WERE DONE MEASURING!!! That was a few months ago.


Stephen said...

Just think how fast you will lose weight starting Monday...Yeehaw! Heck, 25+ of it will be babies...Ok, I am scared and I am not even involved. Ha.

You look great! Rick you do too; I guess everyone is forgetting about you. Sorry man. Your work is about to begin.

Hang in there guys! ~100 hours and you will more than double your family...Ok - I just scared myself will be just fine...I am sure...ha. Love ya. Stephen and Bill

Cari said...

Hey Jennifer,
I am glad to get to make contact with you. Kyle told me about the blog. I think of you often and wonder about all of you. Everything sounds like its going as planned. I know you all are sooooo excited. You have taken such good care of yourself and the babies and I knew you would. God has definately watched over you and co. You look great, still as pretty as ever!!!! Let me know all about what is going on with you, Parker and Christmas etc.... Work is good. Kyle has been great but I miss you! Take care, I know you have been counting down the days. Your in my prayers! Love ya, Cari