Saturday, December 15, 2007

taking it easy

Hello everyone. We are just resting easy at the LQ Inn. The weather's been cold and windy here with blowing snow. Not much accumulation however. Jenn and I had a pretty long nite last nite because her legs kept going to sleep. I can tell you that its pretty cold outside about 3:00 A.M. walking around the perimeter of the hotel. When we came back to the room, it put me right to sleep. Jenn, however was a different story. She didn't sleep much. Today has been a little better. I'm getting pretty good at giving shots. Yesterday the nurse gave her a steroid injection to further develop the babies' lungs. I gave the followup shot today at noon. She didn't even flinch. Well, almost anyway. "Not bad" she said thru gritted teeth. We're getting pretty excited about seeing our little miracles. We're only 37 hours away at the moment! Parker took a ride on the Polar Express this morning with Grandma, cousins William, Alexander & Carrington, Uncle Jason, Aunt Amy and Uncle Grant & Aunt Charity. They had a blast and it even snowed - just like in the book. Instead of the going to the North Pole, Farm Rail went from Clinton to Custer City and back. Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks for all the email, blog comments and support. We really appreciate you guys.

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