Monday, February 18, 2008

Greetings from Iowa

Aunt Pat & The Herd - Griffin, Claire, Preston, Carson, & Parker
Aunt Pat having some one on one time with Griffin

Still...Loving on Griffin

Enjoying Preston

Aunt Cheryl LOVING ALL her nephews and niece -
Preston, Claire, Carson, Griffin, & Parker

Aunt Cheryl giving Preston his loving

WHEW...Carson is finally asleep

Hello everyone. My sister Cheryl and my aunt Pat were able to come down for a visit. We were all very excited! I took some pictures of the two of them spoiling the kiddos. I think they really enjoyed it. Aunt Pat just about held one of the babies the entire time she was here. The kids caught on really fast. Fuss a little...Aunt Pat picks me up and loves on me. It was really cute. The only problem we had was when she went back to my mom's house to go to sleep. I'm thinking we should have made her stay here. :) Love Jenn

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Chelsy said...

I can't believe how big they are getting! I have really enjoyed looking at new pictures and watching them get bigger everyday! And Parker, my my he is a handsome young boy, who is sooo big too!! They are all so very cute! If you ever make the treck to Iowa, which I don't blame you if you don't, I would love to meet them! Hope all is going well!
Take Care