Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Precious Pictures


Good morning! We've been busy here at home trying to get some professional pictures. Capture Photography was gracious enough to take the time to photograph the quads. Complimentary I might add...isn't that sweet. Anyway, if you want some neat and original pictures made, be sure to contact them. Give me a call or look at their blog www.capturetheinnocence.blogspot.com They will even come to your house or shoot at any location you choose. I LOVE them and I hope you do too. I'll have more pictures to come, but I thought I would give you this neat preview. OH...now you have to respond and tell me what you think!!! I miss your comments. Love, Jenn







RCoffey said...

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL, so are the kids I might add! Robina

rachel said...

oh my!!! love the pictures...i mean, LOVE them! they are so good. black & white pictures really make a statement and tend to be some of my favorites. the pictures are just so precious. i love that they are up close. oh, and the one with your feet and parker's feet is fun. what a cute idea! :) i will have to go online and check out the photographer's site.
hey, i love seeing the kiddos starting to get their little "chubby cheeks!" too precious! they really are so many answered prayers! and not to mention, their "momma" is too! :) miss ya! love, rachel

Kelsey said...

Beautiful!! My mom and I have been wanting to come see you guys, but Lindsey had the flu this week so we want to wait and not bring any bugs with us!! The babies are growing so fast. Take care and we will see you and the herd soon.

Suzanne said...

registered nurse...quads...3 boys and 1 girl??? could i like you guys anymore? WOW! congrats!! always great to "meet" another quad family! the babies are absolutely beautiful and i LOVE those professional pics! i know you guys must be some pretty incredible people for God to entrust you with quads...what an amazing responsibility and blessing!!! much love!!

dacia said...

they are growing so fast.the pictures are beautiful. i'm sure that was a big task. i dont know if you know, but i'm a photographer also (www.daciamiller.com). Oh I'm Doug Miller's daughter in case you weren't sure.

Gen McNulty said...

HI! Thanks so much for visiting our blog! It's so nice to meet other quad mommies! It's a VERY special club! Your babies are just beautiful and I LOVE the black and white! Congrats!!! Please, email me ANYTIME! I'd love to chat.


Sammy'smommy said...

Hello there, I just came across your blog by accident. I am an RN as well and live in Mass. I am almost 33wks pregnant and on bedrest. Thanks for giving me some beautiful pictures and a wonderful family to read about. All of your children are gorgeous.

RossQuads said...

I love the pictures! You have a very beautiful family and you all look so happy! Thanks for posting on my blog so I could find out about you. Us quad moms have to stick together for advice, funny stories, and all the crazy memories. We wouldn't trade it for the world, right! God has truly blessed you abundantly. Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Quad Squad! said...

Your babies are beautiful! And yes, you've quite an adventure in store for you! They are totally fun though! Most of the time.

Marge said...

Rick and Jenn...the babies are getting cuter and cuter each day. Jenn, the black and white pictures are wonderful but I do want you to know that you, Rick and Parker do an excellent job also. Keep up the good work!!! We love the blog.. its just like a story book. Know its a job keeping it up. Take care!!! Marge from Enid

Doug said...

Those pictures are very nice. Amelia and I hope to make it out to Thomas sometime soon, but we dont know when that will be. She just went active on the transplant list this last friday, so we cant get to far from the city. We would love to stop by and say hey when we do come into town though, hope thats ok? talk to ya later.