Thursday, February 21, 2008

We're 2 Months Old

On Feb. 17th the babies turned 2 months old. Can you believe it? We can't. Time has flown by. The doctor's appointment went really well. Crazy but good. They had to have their 2 month shots so it was a little loud in the room. They are all GROWING fast. New weights are as follows: Claire - 5# 11oz, Preston - 9# 8oz, Carson - 9# 10oz, Griffin 9# 13oz. We love are little "Plump" Babies. Claire is even putting on the weight. Oh...a little bit of bragging. They all are rolling over and made sure to demonstrate that to Dr. Stephens. :) :) Love Jenn

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rachel said...

wow!!! two months old already??? where does the time go??? wherever it goes, it sure flies by too fast!

hey, i love the fact that parker took the picture! that is something that our little photographer, rheanna jo, loves to do as well. we actually have some decent pictures of us as well. just gott love it! :)