Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Day in the Life of the HERD!

Are you wondering if I can SMILE!?! - Griffin
I SURE CAN!!! - Griffin

Preston just resting - he's SUPPOSED to be ASLEEP!

Claire "Minding" her momma

Carson taking a nap

Me...just BLOGGING away!

Rick helping me out with the babies so I can get a little done. Do you SEE his BLACK EYE? Parker's head and his eye collided! What a "Shiner"

Our friend Billie feeding and spoiling Claire

Aunt Keren and Preston hanging out.

Our Precious Carrie - Nannie, book keeper, & friend - bathing Preston.

Brandee spending the day with this Rowdy Bunch - Claire and Griffin

Our good friend Brandee feeding Preston

Grandma trying to console Griffin
HELLO! How are you guys? It's been a while since I posted, but we've been a little busy around here. We get in a routine and we can't hardly find time for anything else. I know all of you guys with kids completely understand. WHERE does the TIME go? Everybody is really growing up. We're finally sleeping a little longer through the night. The kids are lasting until 3:00am. We feed them and then we're back in bed by 3:45am. Then they're back up at 7:00am and our day gets started. Believe or not, I continue to get nice breaks to get a few other things done. I really appreciate my mom and mother-in-law along with all of our family and friends that make that possible. We are all looking forward to Spring so we can get out and enjoy the weather. Won't that be a site...two twin strollers. A lot of people have asked if we are going to get a quad stroller and we say NO!!! Those strollers are too CRAZY looking. I think we'll be a spectacle as it is so we don't need that space ship to help us out. :) :) Well, I better go feed the herd. Have a great day! Love, Jenn

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Sammy'smommy said...

Your children are beautiful. I love the smile, and that Miss Claire is minding her mama. I got a fat lip from Sammie's head once, but never a black eye, we'll pray for quick healing.