Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter!

One "BIG" Happy Family - Griffin, Claire, Parker, Carson, Preston, Rick, & Me

All "DECKED OUT" for Easter - It's really hard to take a good pic with all four!

The "Love of my Life" - We're still SMILING!

Another "Happy Family" - My brother Jason and his wife Amy and their kids -

William and Alexander

My fun nephew Jordan - all the way from IOWA and William and Alexander - They're ready to hunt Easter eggs - can you tell?

Amy and Jordan making sure everyone "Plays Fair" during the HUNT.

My brother Jason and Claire - Are you sure you don't want another child - you just might get a girl!

Grandma and Claire - Go guys - get those EGGS!

Me and the HAIRY MAN - Jordan

Sweet Cousins -Jordan and Parker

Jordan, Me, and Jason

BUDDIES 'TILL THE END! - Cousins William and Parker

I GOT some EGGS!

Taylor and Alex "HUNTING" those eggs.

Dad - Jason helping Alex find some eggs...isn't that CUTE!

Robin - mom and Taylor - in on the "HUNT" too!

THIS is a LOT of WORK!

WAIT!!! I found another EGG!

WHEW!!! Where's all the EGGS?

HEY!! I found one! - William

Okay, how many do you have? - William and Parker checking out each others baskets.

THIS ONE is MINE - Parker

Boy, I'm liking these BIG ARMS! - Griffin and Jordan

I'm SUPPOSED to be taking a NAP!

Dad passed out and Griffin waiting for his next bottle.

Carson Loves his Aunt Amy!

Claire and William having a little "Bonding Time"

Me and my buddy/sister in law Amy - Isn't she beautiful!

Jason and Rick discussing "Stuff"

Sharon - Amy's sister getting in on the big party too - "I'm liking her shoulder - Griffin

Amy's mom - Sue and Preston "Sitting Pretty"

Uncle Richard - my brother and Carson getting to know each other!

Do you think this BOW is TOO BIG? Grandma Dixie and Claire

Hello! I just thought I would share some Easter pictures with you guys. Sunday, we got up bright and early and went to my brother's house for Easter. Our FIRST FAMILY outing! It took us about an hour or so to get there and the kids were GREAT! It took us about four hours to get ready to leave! I'm going to have to work on that! We had such a good time and the weather was perfect! Jordan, my nephew from Iowa got to come down and spend the day with us too. We had 21 total. We made up 1/3 of the group with the seven of us. Doesn't that make you laugh. Anyway, THANK YOU...Jason, Amy, Mom, Sue, Sharon, Taylor, Taylor's friend, Robin, Richard, Mason, and Jordan for helping us out with the kids and making the day so special! Love, Jenn

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Lisa J said...

Even though I am not family, I so love seeing the pictures of your beautiful blessings. Your little family is just awesome. I still laugh when I see Rick's shiner! Man, didn't know kids could be so dangerous! Have a great week and keep them, healthy, happy, and hungry free! God Bless you all!