Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Human "Bottle Propper" - Rick And the boys

Griffin has FOUND his THUMB - That little thumb sucker!


Griffin & Claire riding in the back - I'm thinking Griffin hates it - what do you think?

Carson and Preston in the front - they both are feeling a little SQUISHED!

All four kiddos love this little activity mat! Thanks Charity for letting us borrow it!
Hello! It's been a little while since I've blogged but life gets busier every day around here! The kids are sleeping a little longer at night and staying up more during the day. Which we all enjoy...however they are four busy little bodies and they like to be held, talk to, and played with. WOW...does that get BUSY! Parker is still hanging in there and still loves his "Whole LOTTA Babies" He's such a big help when it comes to getting diapers, burpies, throwing diapers away, holding, and playing with them. We'd be lost without him. Rick is a big help too! Don't you guys just LOVE the "Bottle Propping" picture. It was feeding time and everybody was hungry ALL at once, so instead of waking up Rick from his much needed nap, I just decided to use his body :) You'll get creative when it comes to feeding time...believe me!
We went for our first stroll on Monday which was quite interesting! First off, we only have one double stroller. Well, I thought everybody could fit into because they are still small and two...because I wanted to take them by myself. Well, they all got in there, but Carson and Preston were squished and they only had one strap. Carrie and I strapped them in with blankets the best we could and I was off. Well sorta... I got out of the garage and Parker caught me. He wanted to go and take his stroller. I said GREAT...only problem was...he wanted to RIDE in HIS stroller. Well, Nana came to the rescue and decided to go and push Parker. Carson kept slipping out the front, so I gave Carson to Parker to hold in his stroller and strapped up Preston really tight. The kids LOVED it, but by the time I got through all of that...we only went a little ways past the mailbox and called it GOOD! WHEW...what a trip! I've decided to check around and try to find one of those CRAZY quad strollers. I got on the Internet and found a new one for $975.00. WOW!!! It's nice but I'm not that CRAZY! So, for now I'm going to keep them in and be on the look out for a used one or try to figure out how to push two double strollers at once. Well, have a good day and we'll keep you posted. P. S. If any of you have any ideas about strollers please let me know. We love hearing from you guys. It lets us know that you guys still like hearing about our life.
Love, Jenn


Anonymous said...


Try this, I was looking for children's furniture the other day and saw this...
Hope it helps!

Anonymous said...


I love, love, love your blog!!! Even during the crazy last weeks of tax season, Debbie & I are taking time to check your blog. My kids have their own computer, and I finally had to set up your blog as a favorite so that Tucker (8) could check on the quads everyday without help. Your captions keep me laughing, and I'm constantly reminded by the pictures of those healthy babies how many answered prayers the quads represent. I don't comment very often, but wanted you to know that I'm amazed at the great job you've done letting the rest of us share in the quad joy during this crazy time in your life.

Lori Parker

RossQuads said...

I'm right there with you regarding the quad strollers. I've been looking this week as well. Several parents of multiples have recommended this "Choo Choo Wagon"...check it out at
The price is definately encouraging, but the age is a little ways away. Anyway, good luck in your search. You guys are doing a great job! Creativity comes in very handy and it sounds like you have plenty of it.

Anonymous said...

Try ebay for the quad stroller. There is a buy it now for $472.00 including shipping. At least that's 1/2 price!! If you say if fast! I love your blog!!
Debbie Willis

Sammy'smommy said...

Yeah I was going to recommend Craigslist to you too. I wish you were up in Mass, I know someone looking to give a double stroller away. Your babies are just beautiful, I love htat they were all together in the stroller.

Marge said...

rJenn, The pictures are so so good of the babies and I love the one with Rick being the bottle holder. The babies are darling and get cuter every day. Keep up the good work on the blog when you have time. We love it!!! You are a wonderful family. May God continue to bless you all.

Anonymous said...

I am in wonder every day of how the two of you keep going. I am proud of you both. We laugh everytime we see the pictures and read the caption. We cannot wait to meet everyone in person. See you in 3 weeks!

Love S&B

Krystal said...

Hi Jenn, I'm Krystal, Charity's cousin. She gave me the link to your blog awhile ago. I love reading it and seeing what is going on with the babies! Mutiples fascinate me! I remember how many strollers my mom went thru with my sisters and they were just twins! I have one option for you, it is pricey, but these are great strollers, they do look funny with the seats on top but I've actually seen them in person and they are very stable. The babies would probably have to be able to sit up to use the top seats, but the main seats are very wide so you could probably put all the babies in the front and let Parker ride on top.
Anyway heres the link
I'm really into strollers and carseats so I enjoyed searching around for you!

Anonymous said...

Who needs baby furniture when you've got Rick?!! You guys are great. When are we going to do dinner again, Jen? Love,Tammy

Suzanne said...

LOOOOVED the human bottle a big laugh! i would stay on the lookout for a used runabout...they are definitely worth every penny! i LOVE the freedom of being able to get the kids out all by myself! and they will be able to use it for a LONG time! the babies are just too the pics!!