Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good Pics

Just in case you didn't know...I don't LIKE this hat - Claire

Now...Carrie...I LOVE - Claire and Carrie

Gladys and Claire - Claire really bonded with her

Oh...this is some good "Lovin" - Ivadel and Carson

Griffin and Preston hanging together
I just thought you guys might enjoy some of the latest pictures. I love the picture of Claire, but she was so miserable. So funny. Gladys and Ivadel came out Monday night and brought supper and loved on the babies a little bit. Parker was so excited about Ivadel and Gladys coming out because he got to have Ivadel's famous spaghetti. He talks all the time about "His Ivadel" and her cooking. She has been such a good friend through all of this. We love IVADEL! Jenn

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