Friday, May 2, 2008

Momma's "Little" Guys

You know we're the cutest you've ever seen...
Griffin - Preston - Carson

Hello everybody! Hope you guys had a good day. We were busy as usual here on the Payne Farm. It's amazing how these little ones will "SUCK" the day right away. When I think of all the things I don't get done...I just remind myself what a blessing my family is...and really...what else is there to do? I start thinking about that and all those things that I think I need to get done drift away. Okay, enough mushy stuff. Hope you enjoy the picture. The boys had a great time playing in their bed together. We've had a little bit of a see the kids are in LOVE with their MOBILE and last night it started acting up. Rick came to the rescue and fixed it...only to reattach it back to the crib and BREAK IT! YEP...VERY BAD!!! Carson had a fit first and then Griffin had a MAJOR MELT DOWN! So, today it got glued and we ordered a new music box. Hopefully, the glue will hold until the new one gets here. I got a good laugh listening to Rick telling the boys "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to break it" Well, have a good weekend. Love, Jenn

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