Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm learning to like it! - Preston

Whew...are we done yet? - Carson

Finger Licking Good - Griffin

Yummmmm....Yuck!!!!!! - Griffin

This is FUN - Griffin

Oh...this is BAD! - Preston & Griffin

Do you want some of OUR baby food? - Claire and Carson

A day in the life of the "Herd" - Claire, Carson, Preston, Griffin

I LOVE THIS! - It's fun to get MESSY! - Preston

How much more? - Carson

You have got to be KIDDING me! That is really BAD! - Griffin

Yes...I can just politely SPIT IT OUT! - Claire

More Peas Please - Carson more I'm done! - Preston

Okay...I'm better...I'll take it some more! - Preston

I'm thinking...yep its good! - Preston

Ooooooo....GET IT OFF! - Griffin

I think I'd rather have this toy! - Griffin



After our six month check-up we've decided to start food. SLOWLY! We've started on cereal and vegetables. We're having so much fun. The looks and responses to the food are priceless! The babies even made Parker laugh with some of their hilarious faces.
Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we do! Love, Jenn

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