Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

We are ONE!!!!!

Two of my LIFE SAVERS - Bridget and Crystal

The Kliewer Family

Lois helping the babies out!

Another one of my LIFE SAVERS - Charity and Miss Claire

Bridget & her guy - Griffin

Our good friends Maxton and Verdella
Pat and Randall helping out with the celebration!

Nathan and Lacy - just like family!

David and Phillip came to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

This is our preacher and his family - Jeff, Amanda, Emily & Casey

Aunt Candy having fun at the party!

Uncle Mike taking a break!

Papa is ALL smiles!!

Rick and his buddy Grant overseeing everything!
Daddy is helping Claire out with a drink of water!

Miss Claire


Gifts, Gifts, Gifts


Me and my big guy GRIFF!

Carson giving momma the "LOW DOWN"

Still SMILING after a YEAR!

Carson was a little picky about the cake and a little emotional about the whole thing!
Finger Licking Good!! - Griffin

This is SOOO GOOD! Claire loved her cake!

Preston ate ALL of his cake....I REPEAT ALL OF HIS CAKE!!!
Believe it or not...he did not get sick. I know...we were shocked too!

Our sweet neighbors/lifesavers - Eddie and Beth Perkins

They are ALWAYS willing to pitch in and help out!

Aunt Keren, Billie, & Lucille
One big Party setup!

Rose & Little Miss Claire
Nana & Preston
Retta & Griffin
Grandma & Carson

HELLO...ARE YOU GUYS STILL OUT THERE???? We're back from our LOOOONNNNGGGG vacation from the blog. I thought one the best things to start blogging about again would be the quads turning ONE and Parker turning FOUR. First, the Quads. We had a great time celebrating their first birthday. Thank you guys for such a nice turn out. We are very blessed to have such great family and friend support. Enjoy the pictures! Love, Jenn


The Carlsons said...

looks like a wonderful 1st birthday celebration! i am sure you still can't believe it has been one year since the babies were born (i will feel the same in about two months). praising God for how well He has held you all up this last year!!

thanks for sharing!
-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.5yo boy

Sammy'smommy said...

FInally!! I have been waiting FOREVER for an update.LOL Just kidding, glad things are goign well. Hope you had a blessed Christmas and New YEar.

Misty said...

Looks like a wonderful party! Happy Birthday & Congrats on getting thru the first year! Loved all of the pic!

Moni Graf said...

Yep....still smiling after 1 year. And what a beautiful smile it is! Congrats on surviving (and thriving) with quads plus 1. They've come a long way, baby!

Don't worry about the posting delay. Sometimes you just need a little sabatical!


Hilary said...

What a great 1st b-day party!! Looks like FUN was had by ALL!!! Happy New year..I was wondering about you but hey you are a Momma to 5 so life happens :) glad you are back! :) Great pictures :)

Lisa said...

Well I just popped over to see how you were doing and was so happy to see you had a big birthday bash. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family. I just can't believe how big the kids have gotten, how grown up they look, and all the personality they have developed. You are certainly one blessed family. Again, congratulations to the babies(?), the handsome big boy, and to you parents!