Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quad Update

Hi everyone. I'm helping Jenn out with a blog update so you can see how much everyone is growing. We haven't had much time lately for communicating. To the left is a typical meal time for the quads.

Below: Parker showing Griffin the remote control tractor.

Below: Griffin checking the tractor.
Left: Happy Griffin.

Left: Parker excavating the front schrubs.

Left: Preston looking pretty normal.

Below: Griffin trying to ride the horse. (almost)

Below: we wondered what happened to the TV

Below: Claire swigging water. Below: Claire looking happy.

Left: Carson finishing supper ;) Actually, I think
he's resting.
Below: Carson in the toy pen.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY! We have missed seeing the pictures. They are wonderful and they keep growing so fast. It is great to see them become their own person....and love the facial expressions. We miss you guys. We will try to get down in April.


Hilary said...

They are all getting so BIG...cute as always :) Don't work too hard :)

Jack Malone said...

2 mth without news, where are you ? I miss you