Friday, June 5, 2009

Getting Ready for Harvest

My two farmers (soon to be six someday) are getting ready for harvest. Parker is so excited! Everytime we step outside with him, he always says..."That wheat's sure lookin' good, I think it's startin' to ripin' up! It won't be long now...till we'll be cuttin' us some wheat! It always makes me laugh and I think back on my childhood when things...big or small were so exciting. With all these kids, I think I can still look forward to A LOT of exciting times! - Jenn


dacia said...

I'm so glad for an update with pictures. I missed reading stories and the little captions under your pictures! I bet you're so busy keeping up with the 5 of them!

Marge said...

Wow Jen!!!Thanks for the update of the family. Growing like weeds. The picture of Rick and Parker is sooooo neat also. You can definitely already see that Parker will be following in his daddy's footsteps. Thanks again!!! Happy Harvest!