Saturday, December 22, 2007

"3" Peas in a Pod & Miss Claire

Miss Claire
"Kangaroo-ing" Miss Claire

Our "3" Peas in a Pod

Hi Everyone! Yesterday was a little exhausting for all of us and we didn't realize until late last night that we didn't post. Sorry about that. I really started missing Parker so my mom brought Parker up to see us yesterday morning. We spent the whole day together which was GREAT! I was discharged from the hospital yesterday and we spent the night at the hotel. We went out for supper for Parker's birthday and then Rick went back to the hospital to spend time with the kiddos. He enjoyed that time so much, especially with Miss Claire. It was the first time since...Tuesday that we got to hold her. Rick loved it. I think she has her daddy wrapped around her finger already. We went ahead and checked out of the hotel because my doctor (Dr. Stanley) pulled some strings and got us a courtesy room at the hospital. Rick and Parker dropped me off this morning at the hospital and then headed back to Thomas. Today, is Mr. Parker's "3" year Birthday! He had a big party at the church with all his little buddies and one BIG moon bounce. I hear they all had a great time. You guys are not going to believe this, but the boys get to room in with me tomorrow night and then they get to go home. I was SHOCKED, but very excited. Miss Claire is going to have to stay because she needs some more growing time. She is now off the bili light and will soon start using a bottle. The boys are all in a crib together. Our prayers and your prayers continue to be answered. Thank you guys for all your continued support. Love, Jenn


Anonymous said...

That is great news! The Folsoms Ashton has already asked to babysit.

Rachel said...

how wonderful! i am so happy for you all. i haven't been able to sit down at the computer long enough to catch up with "the lil herd" until just now. what a treat to learn of all your good news! :) wow! so, it looks as though you will be taking the boys home in a day or so. amazing! :) and, you know...miss claire will soon follow! what a true Christmas miracle! how nice of dr. stanley to fix you guys up with a room in house. that must make things so much easier. i really enjoyed getting to see you all last wednesday. i want to come back, but i am not sure as to when i will be able to. jenn, if there is anything...anything at all...that i can do or help you with, please just hollar at me & i'll do my best to help make it happen! :) goodness! i am just so happy and excited for you all! Merry Christmas!