Thursday, December 20, 2007


Well hello everyone. We have all had a good day. Its been a little emotional, but good. Claire is growing and doing good in her isolet. Preston is testing his thermostat by being again taken off the warmer and just wrapped in blankets. In order to join his brothers, he has to have a steady temperature for 9 hours (they check it every three hours at his feedings). He had a little trouble digesting last night but that has not been a problem today. Griffin still squawks and squeals when he has his temperature taken under his arm. He seems to enjoy the attention. He is doing very well and no longer even has an iv. He is also eating the most. Carson is in the same room as Griffin. He is also doing wonderfully. Jenn fed him this evening while I fed Griffin. They drank their milk pretty quickly. Jenn is still pretty worn out and her nerves are frazzled. She'll get released from the hospital tomorrow morning I think. That will help matters a lot. I am going to work on my names tonight as I keep calling all the boys Parker at different times and also I am calling Carter....I mean Carson a name that I can't get out of my head! A good night's rest will help that I'm sure - at least I hope. r


Anonymous said...

what wonderful news! Hopefully at least a few of you will be home for Christmas. I am sure Cheryl, Don and the kids are anxious to see everyone. I pray they have safe travels to and from OK. Hang in there guys...things are progressing so well. Love S&B

Anonymous said...

Wow - i have e-mailed the entire state of Iowa (about 700 people) of the arrival - you can't tell i'm a little excited about coming home to see the babies along with everyone else.

See you this weekend :) SIS

Anonymous said...

Rick - get use to calling all the kids by the incorrect names - Jordan still gets called Spencer and he is 21!! It makes no difference if they're on the phone or standing right in front of you. Jordan has his name on his coat and standing in the kitchen and I still call him Spencer at times! They tell me i have OLD TIMER'S.

I'm glad i'm not the only parent that does that.

ha ha ~ SEE YOU SOON :) SIS

Anonymous said...

Rick my mom still calles me by her sister's name. With the twins we still get tongue tied and they are nothing alike in looks or behavior so yes just settle in for the long haul with calling them by the wrong name, it's gonna happen.

Blessings, Delane