Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bundles of Updates

Hello Everyone! Just thought I would update you guys a little bit. Preston is still under the warmer for now but the plan is to try him again without the warmer this afternoon. His feeding has been advanced. Preston and Griffin are now in cribs and are doing great. They both are keeping their body temps up and eating really well. Their feedings keep getting advanced too. Claire is doing really well. She is still fed through a tube but her feedings have been advanced to 10cc. Claire has to go under the bilirubin light today for possibly 24-48 hours. I got to hold her for 1/2 hour this morning and I sure enjoyed it! Preston remains laid back and quiet. Griffin has started a squealing noise (kinda like a little pig) when you're not holding him and Carson demands quite a bit of attention. He cries out when he hears your voice and you're not holding him and then stops immediately when you pick him up. So, as you can see, they are all developing little personalities of their own. There has been several that have asked if any of the babies are identical. We don't believe so, however, its hard to tell the boys apart at times because they're not side by side. We are all still so AMAZED that everything is going so well. The Lord just keeps Heaping His Blessings Upon Us! I think I will be discharged on Friday if everything goes well. After that, I will stay at the hotel to be close to the babies. Feel free to holler or come by anytime. Thank you for all your continued prayers. Love you, Jenn.


Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog, it is so interesting!! We are so happy things are going well with everyone! Emily W.

Anonymous said...

Too funny...(if this is Preston) he is a spitting image of Parker; dad's eyes and mom's smile.

Sounds like everyone is doing so well. They are getting stronger by the minute it sounds.

Love you guys! Can't wait to meet them in person.

Love S&B