Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We've been busy

Good morning. This is Jenn and Claire. Yesterday was a little hectic and we didn't get to post, but everything is going good. The kids are all doing very good and so is Jenn. She is just really tired. We have been trying to go to as many feedings as possible, which come around very often. Each baby eats every three hours and they are spaced 30 minutes apart. This only leaves 1 hour in between and not much time for anything else. Today, the boys all are going to move a crib. Claire is moving to an isolet just to give her a little extra warming time. This is the step in between the warming table and the crib. In order for the babies to get out of the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), they have to weigh just over 4 lbs, eat on their own consisting of an ounce and a half at time and be able to keep their body temperature regulated on their own. We got to dress the boys in sleepers last night. They liked that and then we swaddled them in blankets. This is a check to see if their temp stays up on its own without a warmer. The boys are all eating on their own and boy is that fun. Claire isn't yet just because she's smaller. She gets fed with a tube. She was however starting to root around which is the first step in nursing. We appreciated your visits and calls yesterday. Jenn's sorority called and sang her "We wish you a merry Christmas" last night on speaker phone. That was beautiful. God bless you. r

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Stephen said...

What wonderful news! Once Claire hears about the boys moving to a new place...I am sure she will work even harder...I don't think she will put up with her brothers getting something before her. She is a fighter and looker. She will catch up in no time.

Keep us posted and try to get some rest. Love S&B