Monday, December 17, 2007

Heaven sent

We have been enjoying our little miracles this evening. What a great joy they are! Here are a few more pictures that we took this afternoon. Also, we found out that Claire is 16.5 inches long. This should round out the vital statistics. Please feel free to come visit and enjoy these little blessings.


Stacie Henderson said...

Congratulations on such BEAUTIFUL babies! I have kept up with you through Mom. Jennifer, I'm not sure if mom has told you or not, but we have opened our own photography business, Capture Photography. We would like to offer you FREE SETTINGS for all five of your little ones for the first year and we will come to YOU! We have a totally portable studio! (I'll give gift certificates to mom!) Let us know. Again, congratulations! They are sweet!

Stacie Henderson

Debbie Miller said...

Jennifer and Rick
How Great is our God. WOW!! what a miracle. Your babies are beautiful! God is so amazing and He has richly blessed you. You are headed for some busy days ahead but you seem up for the task. We continue to lift your family to the Lord.
Doug and Debbie Miller

Stephen said...

Congratulations guys! The family looks wonderful, healthy and full of joy. How soon can they come home? I am sure Parker is ready to be big brother.

Wish we were there.


Anonymous said...

The babies look absolutely adorable!! Such precious little bundles....I can see why you are so happy!! Olen and Emily

Geni Stanley said...

Bridget called last night to tell me about the babies. You are so blessed!!! They are beautiful babies.

From Connor and Corbin's Grandma.

Geni Stanley
Dodge City, KS