Monday, December 10, 2007

Hey BABY...its COLD outside!

The weather is TERRIBLE! I'll admit now that everyone was right about us coming to OKC to stay. Rachel's down at her parents in Anadarko with the kiddos and she said their power is OFFICIALLY OUT! Bridget said Tom went down to the grocery store in the big town of Thomas to get some bread and peanut butter just in case they lost power and he couldn't get back home because of the ice. He had to park the car and walk. Mom said its 24 degrees at Weatherford and raining cats and dogs. Parker (our son) is with her and they plan to stay in watch movies and make Christmas candy/cookies. Rex (Rick's dad) and our hired hand are trying to take care of the cattle but its been a little difficult. One pick-up is stuck in the ditch, another one couldn't make it and they've resorted to driving the caterpillar down the road. Betty is in at the drug store working just in case somebody might need medicine or supplies because of the bad weather. We're still here at OKC and went ahead and reserved the room until SPRING. Just Kidding! Stay Warm!


Kristi said...

David and I will be in the city this weekend (SAT). Are you guys staying thru the weekend or are you going to try and head home? If you are still there we will try and stop by.

My parents are watching the kids so it will just be David and I. We are hopefully going to finish up the Christmas shopping.

We are so excited, nervous and happy for you guys. I can't wait to meet those little ones.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rick & Jennifer,

We LOVE the website! We've been praying for ya'll, but this lets us know specifically what to pray for.

Rick, David is home right now until the ice clears, and would love to help you dad in anyway! Actually, at this point I think that he would just like an excuse to get out of the house! PLEASE - if there's anything we can do to help, give us a call. 772-2592 (home) 821-6468 (David's Cell)

Blessings to you both,
The Parkers
David, Lori, Katy, Kell & Tucker Dean