Monday, December 10, 2007

Hotel Room

Hey everyone! Rick and I want you guys to know that we have reserved a room at the hotel. Spring Hill Suites by Marriott - 3201 West Memorial Road for anyone who wants to come and hang out or get some rest when the babies arrive. We thought it would be nice to have on hand just in case someone needs to take a break. (I'm kinda thinking that RICK might think he may need a break) Anyway, the hotel staff is great and they are all excited about helping out. They said the could put extra chairs in the room, supply more bedding and whatever else we needed. Rick's still not very good with the whole cooking thing, but he said I would be amazed at all the places that will bring in food! Please come and join in the FUN or as Rick says...the CHAOS! The date is still...Dec. 17th. Love ya, Jenn


keren said...

I couldn't find my comment anywhere!! Guess I didn't hit the right key! This is the first day I haven't been to the mail box!! Good luck and I prefer instant phone for me!!

Stephen said...

Think of it this way...this is probably the last vacation...for a few years. We are so glad all of you are closer to the hospital. We anxiously await the call. Hang in there and have as much fun as possible.

Stephen and Bill