Saturday, December 8, 2007

Most Recent Pics

Here is Jenn on Thanksgiving Day and then both of us last Sunday. Can you tell any size difference between the two? Aunt Keren is keeping a photo archive to document progress.

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Latoya said...

Wow! I am so happy to have come across your blog. I too have been diagnosed with PCOS and we have not been able to have any children. I am in the process of going to see a doctor to see what my options are because financially we can't afford anything expensive. So what was the cost for that Famora medicine that you had to take?

Congratulations on your babies!!! That is an awesome blessing from God. I am so glad that you guys did not let that doctor try to tell you to terminate your blessings and gifts from God. I am praying for you all as you get ready to meet your babies face to face. I look forward to reading your updates.