Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good News!....We think

Hi everybody. We found out today that Claire might possibly get to come home on Friday. Well, tonight we found out that her car seat check tired her out too much. We'll see tomorrow if she for sure gets to come home. She weighs 1 gram shy of 4 lbs (there are about 1,800 grams in 4 lbs.) Jenn went to see her today and she's plumb tuckered out tonight. Well, Carson is starving, Griffin has the sniffles and Preston is sleeping soundly. Coffee's brewing and its time to feed everyone. Talk to you soon. r

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Anonymous said...

What great news that claire will be coming home soon. It won't be long. The boys look like they are growing fast and really starting to become little men. Parker is sure stepping up too. It will be fun to hear how he reacts with Claire too. You guys are doing great. Hang in there. We cannot wait to see and meet everyone in person.

Love S&B