Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Miss Claire and her "BIG EYES" - Watch out Daddy!
How do you like my hat? The nurses SPOIL me around here!

"You been Farming long?" -- Preston and Griffin

Carson says, I have something to say if you two would just listen

Mom needs a break so she gets creative!


Howdy! I'm back among the living again. I was released from the hospital Sunday afternoon. It was good to be back home. I sure missed the boys...Parker included, but it was nice to be close to Claire. I actually got to see her after I was discharged. The doctor treated me for an internal infection and I responded well to the antibiotics. I was sent home with antibiotics so hopefully I'll be feeling 100% soon. Rick and I would like to thank everyone that helped out at home while I was in the hospital. Mom, Betty, Bridget, Shae, Retta, Mary, Stacey and Carrie we are so blessed to have you guys. Thank you! Today, I went back to the city to spend time with Claire. She is doing wonderful. She weighs 3 pounds 14 ounces. She should come out of her "cave" in about two days. Then she might be able to come home this weekend! YEAH!! That would be so cool to finally have our family all together. Please pray that this will happen soon. The boys are growing and changing every day. We'll keep you posted on Claire's progress. Love, Jenn


Anonymous said...

We know all too well about that creativity business and we only had twins! Glad to see it, we propped bottles more than once and I'd do it again! Keep up the good work Parker!

aka Highpockets

Shae said...

Precious! Love the new pics...
Can't wait til Miss Claire comes home. Put me on the schedule for feedings again, I am missing my buddy Carson!
Talk to you soon.

Juli said...

Hey you all!! I never got to say good-bye at the hospital. I have so stuff for 5-to get it to you. I don't work till next wed so I would see you up there. My cell number is 405-301-5506. I miss seeing you all but so glad that you are doing better.