Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Day!

Hello everyone! We hope all of you had a great New Years. Bet you can't guess where we were at for New Years Eve :) The boys are doing great...Parker included. He LOVES being the Big Brother. The boys got a visit from their great aunts today. My Aunt Elizabeth and Aunt Wanda along with a good friend - Harriet stopped in to see us on their way to Arizona for the winter. We all enjoyed the visit. The boys actually stayed awake. I called to check on Claire and she is doing really well. She is now up to 3# 9 oz. We are so excited. When she reaches 4# she will be able to come out of the isolet and into a crib. One step closer to home. I think we are planning on going to see her least one of us. I'll post pictures of the herd tomorrow after we get a new one of Claire and a good one of the boys. Have a good day, Jenn

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Rachel said...

Sounds as though you rang in the New Year with your boys! What fun, I'm sure. I, too, rang in the new year with the kiddos. We were able to call it a night at 12:30 or so...and I was sure ready. I am so glad to know that Claire is doing so well. We'll continue to keep her and you all in our prayers. Jenn, I am looking forward to coming back out for another little visit. Take Care & God Bless! Love ya, Rachel