Monday, December 31, 2007

Jen's Doctor's Appointment

Claire resting with her daddy
Just taking it easy

Hello everyone! Today was a pretty busy day. Mom, Betty, and Keren stayed with the boys today and Rick and I went to my follow up appointment with Dr. Stanley. Everything looked good to the doctor. I don't have to go back until the first part of Feb. After that we went to see Claire. She is doing so good. The doctors are letting her suck from a bottle twice a day. She is supposed to take 29cc. Yesterday she took 2cc and last night she took 12cc. Today, she took ALL 29cc for me! I was so excited and so was the staff. She is now up to 3# 6 oz. She is gaining just about every day. I still think she has a few weeks to go. Please pray for her. We looked at some more vehicles today. We took all the car seats with us to try to fit them into the vehicles. We're still looking. The car salesmen were pretty comical to watch and listen to when we told them about Parker and the quads. It still shocks people. Well, have a HAPPY NEW YEARS! Love you guys, Jenn


candymms said...

Just fire up the wheat truck. Put a cover on the bed, bolt the car seats to the floor, hang the bottles from the braces. Hello town here we come.
Happy New Year!!!!
Luv Aunt Candy

Charity said...

Happy New Year Payne's. I am glad to hear that Claire is eating good. She is so cute! They all are so cute. Can't wait until their big enough to spend so time with. Good luck with the car venture I still say a mini-van would be perfect but we did make a packed to never be mini-van moms but that was before you had five children! (hahaha)

Anonymous said...

Claire is probably enjoying every minute of personal time; knowing she won't have much of that when she gets home competing with 4 boys...And having full attention of Dad is probably her top priority right now...She is so cute; they all are. Good luck with the car hunt. Love S&B