Wednesday, January 16, 2008

NEW Pictures!

One "BIG" happy family
We're feeling a little "Cramped"

I'm VERY helpful!
Carson holds Preston's hand to make it to
"Feeding Time" and Preston decides to try
Carson's head to get him by!
Waiting patiently for our bottles

"I'm still Bright Eyed"

Trying to catch a little shut eye

Hello! We finally got some new pictures today. One of the guys from the Daily Oklahoman came today to do a "Follow Up" on us and we were able to get a few pictures for the blog. Hope you enjoy. It was a little "Crazy" We had to have an outfit change because ALL FOUR decided to SOAK their clothes. The washing machine is getting a "work out". I'll let you know when the article and the video is going to be published in the Oklahoman. By the way, we made it through the doctor's appointment. New weights - Claire - 4# 1 oz, Preston 5# 10 oz, Carson 5# 13oz, and healthy Griffin - 6# !! Love, Jenn


candymms said...

WOW what a crew you have.GREAT pics. Give xxoooxx to all from Aunt Candy

Chaplain Pat said...

Hello, Precious Paynes! This is the first time I've come to your site since you gave me the address last week. Thank you, this has been such fun. I do grow to love the babies in NICU, and it's heartwarming to see them! I will continue to check in occasionally. Give them all a warm hug for me! Blessings to all your family! Chaplain Pat

David said...

What a beautiful family! I can't wait to get to come see you. Kristi and I think about you guys all of the time. If you need us to come help just call. Stillwater is only 2 hours away and, I'm good at changing diapers and patting people on the butt until they go to sleep (even Rick, if...and only is absolutely necessary LOL)

shanicey elwick said...

your kids are so beautiful. you are very blessed. i hope you will reach out for help and make time for yourself. please know that i will do anything i can to help. cook, clean, laundry, errands, just let me know. i know how nice it is to have help. you will need to make time to regain your energy. take a long bath or go out for the afternoon and let some of us babysit for you. my twins and wryland have had a cold so i am out of pocket right now but as soon as the dr. gives me the ok, i will come over. and i still promise to not kiss any babies until after rsv season. i have a house with teenaged girls so we have plenty of baby rockers. you can even come to w'ford and go out to dinner with your husband and bring the kids over here. if i hadn't had people reach out to us, i probably would have killed my husband in the first month!!!lol

keep up the good work. you guys are doing a great job. your babies look so healthy. shanicey

Shae said...

Hey you guys are on the front page of the Oklahoman today! That was quick....
It was good seeing you all the other night. I will probably be out next week sometime unless you want me to come before just let me know.