Thursday, January 24, 2008


Good morning everyone! It's been a little CRAZY around here so we've had a hard time finding time to update you guys. Things are going really good. You will be AMAZED how much the kiddos have grown. I'm shocked. Griffin has the cutest "Chipmunk Cheeks" he looks like he's packing nuts for the winter. Carson has a cute "Double Chin" and Preston has finally gotten rid of his "Yellow Cast" and has the cutest "Round Face" Miss Claire is starting to grow into her "Big Eyes" finally and continues to give her dad a hard time. I still laugh when it comes to her because she is the only one that can wake Rick out of a "Dead Sleep" with her crying. He'll sit straight up in bed. He said yesterday..."Jenn, I'd rather chew on a peach seed than hear her cry. Today he said, "I don't know what it is about her "Squeal" but I'd rather chew on "Tin Foil" Pretty descriptive if you ask me...I think that's he's way of explaining why he chooses to hold her so much. :) :) We've been busy with pictures. The Oklahoma paper and the Weatherford paper both came out...on different days to do follow-up stories. That was interesting. Trying to get four babies and a three year old to cooperate at the same time was FUN. If you would like to read either article, just let me know and we can email it to you. Well, have a good day. I'll post some new pictures today after the 10:00am feeding. Oh by the way...all of them are on a four hour feeding schedule. YEAH. You will not believe the stuff you can get done when you have that extra a shower and sleep. LOL, Jenn

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