Thursday, January 24, 2008


I LOVE my babies!
"The Gang"

"Griffin's Feet"

Our cute little "Chipmunk - Griffin"

"Look how much I've grown!" - Griffin

Carson's cute feet

"I'm not quite as big as bro. Griffin" - Carson

Up close and personal - Carson

Claire's precious little feet

"I'm only small in size not in length" - Claire

"Oh boy, more pictures" - Claire

Preston wants to know if you think he's grown

Preston's feet

"I'm loving this" - Preston

We got through with our bath finally and now everybody is taking it easy. I think they kind of like being out of the crib. We'll see how long this lasts. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I'll post more when I can. Love you, Jenn


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness; how they have grown. I am so glad they are on the same schedule and 4 hrs...that is great! It is fun to see how they are growing into their own little selves...And what a big man (Parker)...he is really being the big brother.

As for Rick...hang in there bud...she has you right where she wants you...Ha.

Love you guys. S&B

Anonymous said...

I want you to know how much I've enjoyed your blog.....GREAT JOB!
I have kept up with it since day one....when Betty sent me the link.
You have certainly been blessed and it is so nice that you have shared all this with the rest of us.
I love ALL the pictures,...such beautiful babies,... but the latest one of Parker holding one of 'his babies' is absolutely stunning!
I have also kept up with the articles in the Daily Oklahoman, but haven't found the Weatherford articles yet.
My best to the whole family
Milie Winchester

Rachel said...

man, oh man! they all look so wonderful!!! i can't wait to come out and love on them. :) it sure looks as though parker has taken to his role of "big brother" well. i love the picture of him holding one of his little babies. how precious they all are. you and rick have been so blessed... what a beautiful family!

love ya, rachel