Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's been a long day
Sitting pretty

Holding Out for "Feeding Time"

Taking a rest after that Big Bath

Claire is well protected by Big Brother Griffin

I'm not sure I believe you! Preston & Carson

Looking pretty in Aunt Amy's outfits

Momma & her wild man Griffin

Parker having some brother time with Carson

Listen to me and I'll tell you everything I know - Parker and Carson

Hi everybody! Mom came up to help today and we really had a good day. I actually had time to take some pictures. Hope you enjoy! Love Jenn


Kristi said...

Love the pics. they are getting so big!! I can't wait to hold them!!We are still fighting coughs etc. so I don't know when we will get to come up. Hopefully very soon!!

We love you guys and think of you often.


Anonymous said...

Ha...I have been showing everyone here at work the pictures...Everyone just goes...oh my god...are they crazy yet? I said no...insanity runs in our family...ha. The love the pics are send their prayers...

Stacie said...

They are getting so big! We need to get pictures soon or they will walk off!

dacia said...

Your babies are just adorable. What a blessing. 4 miracles!
Dacia Miller

rachel said...

hey there! wow! i love seeing these tiny little blessings! they all look as though they are doing wonderfully! so happy for you all. we have all had the flu around our place. looking forward to feeling better...i must come out and play...soon!!! miss ya! love, rachel

Anonymous said...

Hey Paynes!
The kids (all 5 of them) are WONDERFUL! Let me know when you want SoonerStart to do screenings on them and I will be GLAD to come check them out! You are doing such a good job, Jenn. I am very proud of you!