Friday, March 7, 2008

Good Friends

Carl & Preston
Carl & Claire

Aunt Keren holding down the fort with Parker, Griffin, Claire & Carson - Preston was sleeping!
Yesterday we got a visit from a very special family friend, Carl Luderman. We love him and really enjoy his visits. Believe it or not, he is 98 years old! I can tell you all that because he is very proud of his age. He loved getting to hold the babies for the first time and he already picked out a favorite (Preston). He said, Preston sure is a pleasant baby! I told him to be sure to come back any time and babysit. He said he'd would and he also thought it would be fun when they're up and going and playing outside. I laughed and said I'll be sure to call him then. CAN YOU IMAGING KEEPING TRACK OF THEM OUTSIDE! WHEW...that makes me sweat just thinking about it. Have a good day! Love Jenn


Lisa J said...

He may only be a "special friend" but if you look real close they have his same shaped face and hair!! I do enjoy seeing your family grow! God Bless You All And Keep You Healthy!

debbie and doug miller said...

I love checking out your website. I'm always calling my ministry assistant into my office at church. I hollar around the corner, "hey, come look a the new pictures of the quads". It's such fun. You always seem so upbeat, even over the hard times. God is blessing you and Rick. I loved the story about Parker and his friend, pretending to take 4 babies to the grocery store. Priceless! Someday we'll get to make a trip to Oklahoma and we'll make a trip out to see you. I had a cold at Christmas and told Keren we better not risk it. I want to come when they are old enough to run around in the yard. You'll either need a big fence or lot's of help!
love Debbie Miller