Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nana & Claire

Claire loves her NANA!

Nana says that she feels that the Lord meant for her to have grandbabies to take care of...because she LOVES it! She says it comes so EASY for her. Rick and I say THANK YOU LORD for BLESSING us with THAT and with HER! We love Nana and would be lost without her help. She's ALWAYS willing to take care of those babies and SPOIL all of our children. Love, Jen

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RossQuads said...

I love reading your blog. It sounds like life is a very happy crazy, which is similar to our house I guess. I know what you mean about appreciating the help. Thanks be to God for His servants and angels in our midst. What would we do without them! I can't imagine having two older kids in addition to my quads. Although I hope they are a help at times, they also require and deserve their own time. You are doing a great job loving them all and setting time aside for each of them. Keep up the good work!!