Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tummy Time

THIS is what I REALLY think of TUMMY time! - Griffin

There's A LOT of other things I'd rather be doing right now! - Preston

I THINK I CAN! - Carson

I'm DONE with this! - Claire

OH BROTHER! - Griffin

One of the babies least favorite daily routines is Tummy Time. I have tried tummy time every way I can think of and they still don't like it. We've moved on to the Boppies...but as you can see it was a struggle. Claire started out crying and immediately went to sleep. Carson was pretty excited and even drooled all over but then he was ready to be turned over. Preston tried to cooperate, but he struggled and Griffin....well he was mad from the get go...oh I can't resist...let me show you how he really handled the situation. Love, Jenn


Kristi said...

those tummy time pics are precious!! So funny! Both my kids always hated it too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen. Have you tried putting mirrors in front of the kids. Randon loved that. Melissa