Thursday, March 6, 2008

Parker and his BUDDY Kambri

This is MY baby sister Claire
We need some babies! - Parker and Kambri

I'll hold him - NO me...I got his leg...I WANT him! - Griffin says - I'm trying to LIKE this!
Hey everyone. I thought I would share some pictures of Parker and his buddy Kambri. They go to Retta's every day and when they don't, they both insist on seeing each other at least one time. Yesterday, Ross had a doctor's appointment so Parker stayed home with Nana. Crystal came and picked Parker up after she got off work, so him and Kambri could get THEIR play time in. You will not believe the "Things" those two can come up with. Boy, Crystal and I have our hands full with those two. (Ask me sometime about their SNEAK OUT) Anyway, last night when Crystal brought Parker home, Kambri and Parker finally got to play house with a REAL baby...but as you can see they struggled with who was in charge. At Retta's they carry around 4 diaper bags (Retta's old purses) and 4 babies and pretend to go shopping. I hear they are both EXHAUSTED when its all done. Parker tells me its A LOT of work. I say "TELL ME ABOUT IT" Gotta love those kids! Crystal THANK YOU for ALL you DO! I TREASURE your FRIENDSHIP and your PATIENCE with our kiddos. Love, Jenn

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