Friday, March 21, 2008

We Love our Visitors

Mornings are ROUGH!! - Parker and Preston
Sheldon and Marie Payne spoiling the babies

Tammy and Preston

Beth and Claire - Claire can recognize a Grandma
We love having visitors and we really enjoyed our recent ones. Beth and Tammy Perkins came Wednesday afternoon to spoil the babies and we all had a wonderful visit. Me...well I got to get out for a while, which would be impossible without all you loving and caring people so willing to help. Yesterday, some of our relatives, Sheldon and Marie Payne came up to visit. They both settled right in and looked like pros taking care of the little ones. Actually, Marie is. She has been helping in the nursery at First Baptist Church Weatherford for 40 years! She decided just recently that she was going to take a break. Isn't that AMAZING! Such a wonderful lady. Well, thank you again...visitors for coming and helping out. All of you are a gift from God. Love, Jenn

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