Monday, April 21, 2008


Can you BELIEVE it? The babies are FOUR MONTHS! On April 17th, they turned Four Months old. WOW...time goes by fast! Look how much they have grown and changed. They are ALL doing so GOOD! As far as "Milestones" all the boys are holding their own heads up, laughing, smiling, cooing and recognizing you. They also do several other things that the doctor looks for but I won't bore you with all of that. The boys, according to Dr. Stephens are right on track. Now, Miss Claire...well she's a little behind but gaining quickly. She recognizes you, smiles and coos. She hasn't started that giggle stuff yet and she still has a hard time holding her head up by herself. She can do it for a few seconds but she is still weak in those upper neck muscles. She's very strong and moves all over the place. Dr. Stephens says since she is smaller than the boys she will move around more...and BOY does she. She can turn completely around, upside down and every which way. You have to watch her...she's on the move all the time. It's a little aggravating to Preston because he has a hard time dealing with her FEET in his FACE! Dr. Stephens says he feels that she's about a month behind but is Perfect. Can you BELIEVE it? These babies are Perfect! I'm not surprised just AMAZED at how blessed we are! Oh, WEIGHTS - get ready...Griffin - 16#, Preston 15# 10 oz, Carson 15# 4 oz and Claire is 10#. RIGHT! Love, Jenn

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BoufMom9 said...

OH! What beautiful babies!
Hope you don't mind me stopping by and peeking. I saw you posting on Burkett Quads and wanted to see your beautiful babies. :)