Monday, April 21, 2008

Celebration of Life

Getting ready for our BIG day!
Carson, Claire, Parker, Griffin & Preston

This was a "HAND FULL"

Our Preacher - Bro. Jeff Brock

Part of the great group of girls that made this day happen - Lyndee, Crystal, Bridget, Rachel & Shae - Thank you!

Preston getting some ALONE time with Charity

Nana spoiling Claire

Parker taking a break from the party and having a little fun of his own!

Mom, Claire & our good friend Becky

We love our adopted grandparents - Melvin & Fannie Yoder We're so BLESSED to have them in our LIVES!

Our neighbors Amos & Mattie Yoder and our good friend Carolyn

Great smile Homer - Our friend, Becky's husband & Shandelle's Dad

Enjoying Lyndee and Crystal

Rick and his BUDDY Doug

My brother Jason & sister in law Amy and their kids William & Alexander

We Love YOU Guys!

My BUDDY Crystal

Grandma Dixie & Miss Claire

Papa & Parker enjoying the day

Our GOOD friends Jana Lou & George Scott - Thank You for sharing our day!

Our cousin Pat Payne and the wonderful money tree - We're so BLESSED!

Daddy Rick and Preston going in for some lunch.

Grandma & Carson - He's already BEAT!

Miss Claire snuggling up to Retta
My brother Richard and Griffin - "What are you going to do with me?"
More help - Jane!

On April 6th, 2008 we had our Baby Dedication and Celebration of Life. It was a wonderful day and we were so blessed to have such a nice turn out of friends and family. The kiddos did so good. Even Parker had a fun time. We want to say "THANK YOU" to all of you guys that worked so hard to make that day so special to us. We are so thankful to live in such a close town and have such good friends. We LOVE all of you!


BoufMom9 said...

Congratulations! What a special way to celebrate your babies with friends and family.
What a wonderful blessing!

Sammy'smommy said...

Beautiful babies, beautiful family beautiful blessing from our Lord. I can't wait for Sophia's dedication. We are so blessed to be given the incredible gift of parenthood, and the awesome responsibility of raising them in a Godly home, and teaching them about God. Congratulations on your beautiful day.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are wonderful and it is so nice to finally see faces of the 'extended family' we hear about so much. We can't wait to finally get our turn this weekend. See you guys in a few days.

Just remember...being 40+ and no kids...don't dare leave us along with all 5!

Can't wait to see you guys.


Anonymous said...

What a special day! It is so great to see your babies since your quads are only one month older than mine! You look GREAT by the way!!!