Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More "Celebration of Life" Pics

Rachel's PRECIOUS Diaper Cakes that she made the kiddos

Good Friends & Good Babies
Amanda/Preston, Charity/Griffin, Me/Carson, & Shae/Claire

What a WONDERFUL turn out!

Crystal, Bridget & Shandelle loving my babies!

Look at how hard those girls worked to make our day extra special!

Shandelle and her AMAZING money tree! Thank you Sha-na-na! I LOVE YOU!

That's Bridget trying to figure out all those pictures that they placed on the tables.

More GOOD pics - Shae, Crystal, Retta, Shandelle, Charity, & Carrington

I FINALLY get to see those babies! - Shae and her sweet daughter Madilyn

My bud who should have been my sister - Shandelle
I think she MIGHT be trying to convince herself that she could handle at least two mor children herself - Come on - Wryland needs a couple brothers and sisters!
Aunt Amy, Grandma Dixie, Momma Jenn

Carson with his girlfriend Rachel - He LOVES all this attention!

Marcie and Carson - "I could get used to THIS!"

More pics of my GREAT friends - Mary, Shae, Rachel, Crystal, Bridget, Shandelle, & Jane

Aren't we BLESSED!
Hey again! Rachel just sent me some of the pictures of the Celebration that she took. So, I thought I would post a few. The girls worked so hard to make this such a special day for us. Thank you and we love you all! Rick and I want to THANK all of you that showed up to share in such a special time. We were overwhelmed by all the LOVE! Sincerely, Jenn


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Looks like you are having so much fun with the kiddos. I am so sad I missed this day but I was thinking about coming out to see you guys sometime. Let me know what you think!!
Juli Brenton

BoufMom9 said...

Great pictures! Looks like so many people truly love you all!