Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We're gonna make FARMERS out of these guys yet...
Papa & Griffin - Eddie & Preston

Aunt Keren & Carson enjoying feeding time

Hey...Hey...Don't get DISTRACTED!

It's VERY important that you keep that BOTTLE in my mouth!

Papa & Griffin

We LOVE to be fed! - Beth & Claire, Eddie & Preston

Really...You think I'm a good baby?!? - Beth & Claire

I Love when we have visitors - it's more HOLDING TIME FOR ME! - Carson & Keren

Life is Good! - Claire cheeks do weigh me down - Griffin

If you're Happy and You Know It say AMEN - Preston

I'm OKAY with waiting for my bottle - REALLY - Griffin

PEEK A BOO - Our sweet little boy Parker
He Loves wearing the trash can on his head!
Good morning! How are all of you guys. I hope good. We had a really fun day yesterday. Lots of play time. I had to go to a meeting last night so Papa and Nana along with Eddie and Beth (good friends and neighbors) and Aunt Keren all came down to take care of the crew. As you can see I think they all had a good time and I think the babies got some "Spoiling Time". Aren't grandparents great! Its nice to have so many around here. We never run out of hugs and kisses. Rex and Eddie are sure looking forward to the day that all these little ones drive tractors. Can you imagine? ME EITHER! I think I'm going shopping that day! :) :)
Have a GREAT DAY! Love, Jenn

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Sammy'smommy said...

Your family is just beautiful. I love all of those cheeks!!! Would you mind sending some of that chub this way:)