Monday, May 19, 2008

Crystal & Kambri hanging out with the babies

Kambri and Claire having "Girl Time"

Parker entertaining the boys

Conversation Time - How Cute!

How "Adorable" are we?
Good morning! How are you guys? Our weekend went by really FAST! WOW! I know every body's month is flying by - but I still can't believe how fast our little ones are growing. They are really at a fun age right now. Lots of squealing, giggling, and cooing. They are interacting with each other more and more every day and are also developing such personalities. Claire, still likes to be wrapped/swaddled when she is tired and if she's not she doesn't hesitate to tell you about it. Her HIGH PITCH screams will raise the roof and your hair. Now, don't think she doesn't have a sweet side because she does...her cooing and smiles will melt your heart. Carson talks (babbles) all the time. If he doesn't have somebody to talk to...he'll talk to himself and make himself laugh. He's such a "HAM". Preston loves to smile and he has a little giggle that will crack you up. It starts out really slow and then gradually gets going. I'll have to record it for you guys. You'll laugh. Finally, there's Griffin. Well, what can I say...he smiles whenever you walk in the room and acknowledge him. Those chubby cheeks love to show off his dimples. Another, funny thing about at night...if he's not ready to go to sleep...he'll stick his leg through the rails and scream. Now the first few times, I thought no...he's just accidentally doing that...but now I've watched him and he works really hard to get that foot tangled up and as soon as he knows its stuck he yells at the top of his lungs. I say...Oh Griffin...OUCH...and he smiles and giggles. tell me? I'm thinking he's figuring something out...don't you? Parker, is still by baby. He's growing fast...but he still lets me love and rock him when no one is watching.
I take advantage of that any chance I get.
Love, Jenn


Anonymous said...

We love all of the pictures but the one with Parker entertaining the boys is priceless.

Not sure why you would be surprised by Ms High Maintenance (Claire); like mother-like daughter.

We agree, they are growing so fast. It is wonderful to see them smile and become their own selves.

Thank you for sharing their lives with us...It has been a months since we met everyone and they have grown so much in just 4 weeks. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was from S&B

McNulty Quads said...

They are getting so big!! Love all the bumbo pictures! Too darn cute.. I miss this stage!

Keep up the great work mama.. they are doing FANTASTIC!


Anonymous said...

Love the bumbos!! They look great!! Keep up the good work!