Thursday, June 12, 2008


Snug as two bugs in a rug - Look at that LOVE! - Claire and Preston

I'm too CUTE! - Carson

We've ALWAYS liked "Tummy Time" (not) - Carson & Preston

Tummy Time is a piece of cake - Preston

I'm know I am! - Griffin

Carson and Griffin hanging out...yes I do think they look similar

Miss Claire and Preston - her protector

So Cute...I caught them talking to each other...Preston & Carson

Are you sure momma is wanting us to do that? - Preston and Carson

This is NOT STAGED - Normal Sleeping Arrangements - Carson & Griffin


Some days are a little "ROUGH" - Claire

HELLO STRANGERS!! I'm SOOOO SORRY it's been so long since I updated you guys on what's happening at our house. WOW!!! Where do I begin. We've been super busy. All the kiddos are teething right now...YUCK and that makes for some FUN times! Parker also got sick a couple of weeks ago and I thought that I (being the nurse I am) could treat him myself. Well, a little virus turned into pneumonia and I had one sick three year old on my hands. It was pretty bad for about a week. Then, you guessed it...the quads ended up with the sniffles too. I was on top of it this time and called the doctor and got medicine for them early on...which was a good idea because they are still trying to get over the cold stuff. Teething and can't get any better than that. Along with all of that...Rick and I celebrated our "11 Year Anniversary" on May 24th. We still can't believe we've been married that long. It seems like just yesterday. We actually got to go out for dinner on our anniversary and it was so nice. Along with that, we've been trying to get ready for harvest and it has been WILD! Memorial weekend we had a guy show up to help us with harvest and he has been staying with us since Memorial Day. His name is Matt and he has become part of the family and we have already formed an attachment to him. He's great and loves our kiddos too! Phil, Mike and Willie along with my brother and Rick's brother in law, nephew and neighbor are also helping us out with harvest. During harvest we take turns...Betty, Keren, and myself and cook meals to take to the field. So, that takes quite of bit of planning when you have five kids to think about. So, I've kinda been in survival mode...taking care of babies, harvest, cleaning, cooking and laundry continues to keep me busy. Anyway, I won't try to bore you guys any more. I know you guys are really missing the PICTURES. So enjoy and I'll try to keep in touch a little better. Love, Jenn

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Anonymous said...

Everyone is growing so fast...and they are starting to get more hair. We have missed the pictures greatly and can only imagine how much fun teething is...

Great to see everyone is so happy and healthy. Won't be long...they will be crawling all over the place. Parker will be ready to head for the hills for some quiet time. Miss you guys!