Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jordan's Graduation

I LOVE my Aunt Cheryl - WE ARE BUDDIES!
Thank you for the animals, book, and marshmellows! name is Parker Payne...what are you doing?

Can I "Bribe" you with my magnetic board?

It's pretty can tell me your name now!

WOW...that was a LOT of work!

Parker and Jordan sharing some quality time together.

Parker trying to learn to take pictures...

who better to do that on than Uncle Don

Jordan and Parker having a GREAT time!

Parker chasing Monica's poor cats

My cousin Jordan accepting his diploma

Parker told us - "I'm going to do that some Day!"

Grandma Dixie is so Proud of Jordan


I don't even want to know what he's planning...DO YOU?

We filled a row!

Parker and his buddy - Uncle Don

My cousin Spencer and sweet Monica

I'm trying to be good - it's just a little long - Parker

Jordan and his Proud parents Cheryl and Don

Hi! We made it back from Jordan's graduation. Whew...what a fast trip, but I was sure glad we did it! It was such a nice graduation. We are all so PROUD of Jordan. He graduated with a "Operations in Farm Management" degree. He's planning on moving back to Iowa for now and working close to home. We had a good time...especially Parker. Parker loved his time away with Momma and Grandma. He loved staying in the hotel and spending time with his cousins. He bonded with Spencer's girlfriend - Monica and her cats. I think he thought she was there just to see him! So cute! He even met a friend during graduation named Cameron. He got a little bored and demanded this poor little boy to talk to him. I was a little embarrassed but it was so funny. "My name is Parker Payne what is your name? Do you want to talk to me? Why are you not telling me your name? Do you have a name?" It went on and on...Cameron finally gave in and they had a great time. He was actually pretty good while we were gone. It was good to get back home to the entire family. A big THANK YOU goes out to Retta and Nana for taking care of the little ones. Love, Jenn.

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