Monday, June 16, 2008


Preston Payne - Baby "A"

Griffin Payne - Baby "B"

Carson Payne - Baby "C"

Claire Bernice - Baby "D"

Happy 6 Month Birthday - GOD is so GOOD!

Birth Order - Preston, Griffin, Carson, & Claire

Preston & Griffin born on 12.17.07 @ 11:05am

Carson & Claire born on 12.17.07 @ 11:06am


Big Brother Parker LOVES to play with US!!


A WHOLE LOTTA FEET - 8 Feet & 40 Toes

I really don't know where to start but to say this - Isn't GOD good! God continues to richly bless our family and Rick and I still stand in amazement! We are so blessed and truly grateful for all the blessings He continues to heap on us! Parker has adjusted so well to his new brothers and sister and is absolutely great with them. He's such a helper and entertainer. Everybody needs their own three year old. (Ha Ha Ha) The quads...well what can I say. As you can see they are getting bigger every day and doing something new each and every day. They now giggle, coo, and interact with each other as well as roll all over the place. Preston is the best at learning the army crawl. Carson is the best talker/squealer. Griffin is the best at staying put and encouraging everyone to snuggle with him. Claire is the best roller. She can go from one end of the living room to the other. We will be traveling to the doctor on Thursday for their 6 month check up so I'll post their new weights when we get home. I know that will be exciting! Some other info...let's see. We're still going to bed around 8:30pm and sleeping until 6am. Now...that's not always the case. Miss Claire seems to think she needs an extra bottle sometimes and can really get to screaming, which ends up waking EVERYBODY up. When that happens I usually end up fixing bottles for the boys too. It's just easier that way. After that, they all fall back to sleep. We have been so fortunate with their sleep pattern. They really like staying awake and interacting with you during the day. It's been a little crazy lately because all four of them are teething. Yep...isn't' that wonderful. I've learned really quick to keep teething rings, oragel, clean fingers for chewing, Motrin, and Tylenol (for ME) close at hand. Some days tend to get a little...well let's just say...LOUD! Rick and I both say it's still worth every bit of stress those little crum crunchers cause. We were just talking about how much we LOVE our family and how we can't imagine it any other way. A lot of people have asked what's the best time of day for the babies and for us. We both agree that its in the morning. When the sun is peeking in through the window and they are all opening their eyes and waking up. Each one looks up at you and smiles the biggest grin you'll ever see. It warms our hearts and lets us know that no matter what we will face in the future with raising this little herd of ours that without a doubt there is nothing else we would rather do. I'm still in awe at the miracles that God chose to give us! We want to say "THANK YOU" for your continued prayers and support. A big "Thanks" goes out to you loyal ones (you know who you are) that continue to come and help out. It means so much to us and we would be lost without you! We love you all! Jenn

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the 'crew!' We are amazed every time we see a new picture of how much they and Parker are growing. The hair and eye colors are starting to show and love those smiling cheeks.

I cannot believe it has been 6 months. I just remember praying every day that they would hold on one more more hour before being born to allow them time to grow and develop as much as possible before coming into the world. I think every prayer was heard and definitely answered. Parker is a hoot. I don't know if you guys would have survived without Mr Entertainer, Mr Big Brother, Mr Farmer. He is such a blessing.

Happy Birthday to all of you.

Love S&B