Friday, June 20, 2008

We are on our way! Don't think for one minute that we didn't get some very CRAZY looks!

Grandma trying to hold down the "Herd" - Wow! We're packed in!

My CO-PILOT aka Parker

Head Up and Move'em Out!

I LOVE this...especially the part about being on the "TOP" - Claire

Well...I like this a little bit better than not being HELD

but...NOT MUCH!! - Carson

I'm ready for a trip! THIS is GREAT!!! - Preston

Just call me - "Joe Cool" - Griffin (taking it VERY EASY)

The "Herd" is ready - Oops...Griffin passed out on us!

My "Rough & Rowdy" Crew!

Griffin, Preston, Carson, Claire, & Parker

HELLO!!! Well, yesterday was our 6 month appointment and it went GREAT! I can NOT believe how much they have GROWN! won't believe it either.

Claire - Length 25" Weight - 12# 4 oz

Preston & Carson - Length 27 1/2" Weight - 19# 9 oz

Griffin - Length 27" Weight - 20# 6 oz

As you can see we've made BIG progress! Dr. Stephens was so IMPRESSED! Shocked to say the least. As far as the "Growth Chart" goes the boys went from the 25th percentile to the 75th percentile and Claire went from the 3rd percentile to the 25th percentile. We were ALL so AMAZED! He also said that all of them are right on target as far as a 6 month old goes. AND...get this...he believes Miss Claire will be getting her teeth first! All kiddos are rolling over front to back and back to front. All are bearing weight on their feet except for Carson. He doesn't think that's necessary right now. All are sitting up but only for a few seconds. Carson sits up the best. Claire is the most limber! Preston is scooting on his stomach. Carson and Preston both are doing that "bucking thing" and trying to attempt to move across the floor that way. They are all "babbling" now and spitting as well as making very strange noises. The giggling is contagious and I'm going to have to record it for you guys. You'll LOVE it. Anyway, lots of FUN stuff! Our next venture is FOOD! YEP! GET READY! LET THE MESS BEGIN!

Lots of you have asked how the trip went for us yesterday with the stroller and everything. Well, first...we want to say "THANK YOU" to the Dobrinski's from Okeene for the stroller. They have quads that are 12 now and they let us use their stroller. Its works great! About the trip...well it was a little CRAZY and a LOT of WORK! I only thought we got a LOT of LOOKS when we were carrying FOUR BABIES around. WELL...we actually stopped traffic in the stroller. People stopped at the intersection by the doctor's office to look at us and laugh a little. In the doctor's office we had a little bit of a hard time maneuvering around but we made it. People just watched and were pretty much speechless. Dr. Stephens just laughed. The babies were so good and so was Parker. Mom and I were worn out but we had a good time. My conclusion...I need to get them out more so I can get used to the work and the stroller. Because I think we have years of fun ahead of us and we don't want to miss a thing! Love, Jenn


Anonymous said...

All I can say is You guys are amazing!!!! Looks like you all had a good time with the new stroller, and I love that it turned heads! Can't wait to come see those babies tomorrow.

Rachel said...

hey there stranger! i love catching up with your amazing crew via this blog. wow! 6 months old already?!? :))) as i read through the blog spot and look at the pictures of your little blessings, i find myself taking the time to remember just how GOOD GOD IS!!! thank you for sharing your miracles with us. keep up the challenge of raising your 5 beautiful little ones...for they are such a great reward!!! love you & miss you! Rachel

Anonymous said...

Have HumVee stroller...will travel. The pictures are great!


Anonymous said...

Have HumVee stroller...will travel. The pictures are great!


Lisa J said...

It's been a while since I have checked in on you and can not believe how much the kids have grown. They look so healthy and happy, yes God is good. I'm glad you are getting/got your harvest done, thought you might have gotten caught in some of the Oklahoma storms. I read the Enid paper and see where some had a great harvest this year, and then some lost it all again. That is farming life huh! Check on you again later, have a safe summer!
ps, your helpers are pretty handsome too. Parker and Matt both look like great hands, lucky to have them huh?

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to the crazy looks we get when we load the runabout stroller. Plus our license plate is march of dimes and says fun 4. I am so jealous of how big your kiddos are. Mine arent gaining weight quite as quickly (11 lbs - 13.5 lbs). We are only three weeks behind you i think. But the kids look amazing!