Friday, June 27, 2008


Cool Mike Sigg - Great Combine Driver/Mechanic

Cuttin' that Wheat

We Love those "Wide Open Spaces"

Dumping on the Go!

Back behind our house!

A GREAT "WAY OF LIFE" can't drive the combine!

Seriously...I only need one to drive the tractor. Richard trying to convince Parker and Taylor that he has the tractor driving covered. can drive the combine I get the tractor!

Cool Picture...Ready for take-off!
Mr. Gleaner

Rex, Daddy, Papa, & Big Daddy - We couldn't do it without him!

Yep...I think that will work for me! - Papa & Parker

Taking a much needed break and having a little dinner.

Payne Farms - Rex and Rick Payne

We LOVE Harvest! There's nothing like it!

I'm not kidding it was THAT BIG!

Wake me up when its over - Richard getting a quick nap!

Hauling more Wheat

Rick off to cut some more wheat!

Matt and the herd - Griffin, Preston, Carson, & Claire

Matt & Me - Leaving us to head north to cut more wheat!

Our "adopted" kid is "Leaving the Nest!"

Matt - Mr. Cool saying his goodbyes!

Off with the header!

That's one sharp combine!

We only have a few minor problems! - See we're still smiling!

Rick and his combine

I'm gonna get you!

Heading out for more wheat!

My dirty...filthy little husband...Rick...still gotta LOVE him!

The Reel on this Combine goes ROUND AND ROUND!

Are you sure you want to eat all of that? Parker and Taylor checking out and hoping that Willie is going to share some of that great food!

Willie - aka - Truck Driver

We LOVE Willie and his great smile!

I keep Rick busy even when he tries to get a short nap during a rain storm!

Well...Yes I Love Harvest! Are you recording this? :)- Richard

Mr. Parker Payne supervising the situation and making sure everybody is doing what they are supposed to. Daddy would be lost without him!

This is my brother Richard aka Mr. Grain Cart driver

Rick and Rex busy getting that WHEAT cut!

Ready for the FUN to begin!

Maintenance is a MUST!

Mr. John Deere and our little Grain Cart

Here's our Wheat Trucks waiting to haul some WHEAT!

Rick getting ready for the "Craziness" to begin!

For those of you that don't know...we've been pretty busy around here. Okay, that's an understatement. We've all been SUPER busy! We had some great help this year. A thanks goes out to Phil Blahut, Mike Sigg, Matt Stanford, Willie Jarman, Mike Taylor, Mikey Taylor, Richard Palmer, Conner Kippenberger, & Carrie Zoschke. We (Rex, Betty, Keren, Rick and myself) could not have done it without you guys. We've had a great run this year and the Lord is blessed. We're just about done...Rick's telling me that he thinks we'll finish up tomorrow. I can't believe its almost over...even though it's a lot of work and a lot of craziness we all love this time (well pretty much) and its kind of a let down to see it come to an end. So...if any of you out there have questions about harvest and what we actually sure to let us know. Rick would LOVE to answer any of your comments. Love, Jenn

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