Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday Stroll what do I have to look forward to?

...and we're off!

Everybody look at the view!

Daddy I'll race you on my bike! - Parker

One ROWDY crew!

Down the hill we go!

We're rolling along!

The race is on!

We need a break...what about you daddy?

Whew...that was some stroll!


Marge & Otto said...

Hello Rick & Jenn...We have enjoyed these pictures SO much. The babies are ADORABLE and can't believe how much they have grown. Parker is such a cutie also. We loved the pictures of the harvest and and the ride that Rick gave the babies cause we could see the beautiful country in the background. Such an awesome view. Keep up the good work with the have a precious family. Love and Blessings to everyone....Marge and Otto

Anonymous said...

Finally, Rick takes time off to enjoy life! I am sure everyone enjoyed that.

Miss you guys...S&B

Annie said...

what great pics!!! my bggb quads are now 20 months old-time sure does fly by! :)

McNulty Quads said...

Jenny, THEY ARE GETTING SO BIG! WOW, AWESOME! BTW, look at all that space you have on the farm.. they are gonna go nuts when they start walking!! My kids wouldn't know where to start. What a cool way to grow up!!

Thanks for the sweet comment. I know, people are crazy.. but I guess, so are WE! LOL

I'm always here if you need anything.. anytime!

Email me woman!

Happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

Your kiddos are so sweet!! Ilove the runabout!!! Its awesome!