Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

Aunt Charity having fun with the kiddos and the smoke bombs!

Grandma, Nana, & Papa enjoying some "down time"

Aren't we cute! - Parker, Taylor & Carrington

Our good friends!
Tom, Bridget and one of their sons Conner

Carrington, Conner & Corbin (Bridget & Tom's other son) trying to decide what to do...bad mitten, squirt guns, or fireworks - so many decisions!

Hey 'bout I light this one myself?

Wow...that's dangerous - Parker and his fireworks

Richard and Robin enjoying the 4th and all the company - smile Richard the kids are really NOT going to set the house on fire!

Wow...are you sure they should be doing that? - Aunt Keren

I LOVE this - Cousin/Nephew - Mikey

Van & Amy having fun on the 4th and trying to stay out of the kids way!

Now...what's our plan about getting the adults distracted?

Rick - aka dad & uncle - trying to make sure all fires are to a minimum!

Aunt Keren doing her favorite thing...feeding the babies (Preston)
Fire...Fire...Come On...Start - What they don't see is us ADULTS watching!

Uncle Mike and Aunt Candy reviewing the crazy situation with Uncle Grant and Daddy Rick!

Hey Hey...hand one of those rags over here they're trying to take our picture!

Parker trying to explain to Daddy and Tome all the reasons he needs a lighter

I CAN NOT believe that I WASTED that much FOOD - Griffin trying to cope with the food loss!

Wow...I'm kinda liking this "Eating Out(side)" - Carson

You can have your fireworks...just don't mess with my food - Preston
What do you do when you have FIVE KIDS on the 4th of July? Bring the party and fireworks to you! And...that's just what we did! We invited our family and friends to our house for a backyard cookout and fireworks show! It was a BLAST and I think we might just have started our very own "Family Tradition" We all had lots of fun! We had more food than any of us could possibly eat! Thank you guys for bringing all that "GREAT STUFF" Grant - thank you for cooking the hot dogs and hamburgers oh...and the brauts! They were delicious! After the big meal we enjoyed homemade ice cream with all the fixins' (Thanks Aunt Candy for making that extra special!) We finished the evening with SMORES and a GREAT fireworks show. Who knew how much Uncle Mike LOVED fireworks and how much fun Mikey would be as our entertainment host!! We were all so glad he did because we enjoyed some beautiful ones! Once again...we are amazed and truly THANKFUL how our family and friends are so willing to come to our rescue and make our lives so special! Love, Jenn

P.S. THANK YOU Crystal for helping me "Weed Eat" the entire yard for the party! I'd be LOST without you! I Love You - My sister, my friend, and my neighbor for life...remember our promise...ha ha :) :)

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Hilary said...

Wow~~looks like fun was had by all on the 4th!! Man we do have alot in me a great your feeding station..4 little birds with their mouths open ready and waiting :) have a super week