Wednesday, July 9, 2008

College Days!

Carson loving all the attention from Hesper

I'm thinking if you were a little younger...or I was a little older we could get into some trouble - Carson and Rhett

Yep...he likes me I just know it...Griffin's take on Wyatt

There is nothing like a "Grandma's Arms" - Claire enjoying Joy

Griffin and Preston ensuring that Grandma is not going anywhere!

My best friend from college was able to come by for a visit the other day! Hesper and her two kids - Wyatt & Rhett, along with her grandma Joy came up to meet and love on my babies in person. We had such a good time together. It was fun to see how much her kids have grown! The only problem we that we live way too far apart now! She lives in New Mexico! BUT...the one nice thing about our friendship is we can pick up right where we left off! Isn't it nice to have friends like that. Thank you Hesper for taking time to come for a visit.
Love you! Jenn

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